Media training

I offer lively, practical, affordable media training sessions for individuals, small groups, or two or three colleagues. I offer half-day workshops, or specific, individualised training and mentoring sessions in the following areas:

  • How to generate media interest, improve your media profile and deal successfully with the media
  • How to improve your media performance in television, radio and print
  • Interview tips, and preparation for television, radio and print interviews

My training programmes are based on my practical experience working in the media, and on my extensive experience dealing with the media, and being interviewed by the media. My sessions are practical, useful and down to earth. During the session, you will be interviewed for television, radio and print. You will learn tips and skills to improve your performance and enable you to handle any media interview with confidence. You will also learn how the media works, how to generate media interest, how to prepare media releases and how to use social media effectively.

Feedback on Sue's media training sessions:

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Sue Kedgley's Media Training Worskshops. Her experience in the media as both an interviewer and an interviewee was clearly evident. I particularly enjoyed the role play, the practice sessions of writing a press release, and being interviewed in front of the camera. I found Ms Kedgley's tips on writing media releases, which are based on her many years of successful media coverage as an MP, particularly useful.

This session was incredibly helpful and Ms Kedgley facilitates with humour and warmth. I would recommend one of her sessions to anyone." Angela McLeod

"I attended a media training session run by Sue Kedgley on how to present yourself professionally within the three fields of media-- print, radio and television. Sue's presentation included hands-on experience in front of a camera, and writing press releases which were critiqued on their content, and the impact they would have. I found the training very easy to understand and was impressed by the relaxed way Sue handled the session. All of those who attended were impressed by Sue's knowledge and advice, and came away feeling much more confident about how they would deal with the media in the future." Noeline Reisch

Sue Kedgley was a Green MP for 12 years, and a Wellington City Councillor for 8 years. She has worked as a reporter/director for Television New Zealand, as a Director of Communications at MAF, and as a media advisor in the United Nations. She has authored seven books. Contact Sue Kedgley