Food labelling in 2011

    Two years ago, Food Standards Australia New Zealand set up an expert panel to look at our food labels, and how they could be improved. The panel came up with 61 excellent and wide-ranging recommendations for improving our labels--improved allergy labelling, disclosure of palm oil, trans fat, traffic light labels etc But unfortunately, our government has rejected most of them It says mandatory labelling ‘conflicts with our free trade liberalisation agenda,’ and could be perceived to be an ‘unfair trading barrier.’

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  • Health effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

    Health effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

    There is growing concern about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, particularly new technologies such as wifi. Growing numbers of people are becoming electromagnetic sensitive and Sweden recognises electromagnetic sensitivity as a recognised disease. There is no requirement for new technologies like wifi to be safety tested before they are rolled out. The present standards on electromagnetic sensitivity are far too lax and dont take into account health effects, as exposed by the important BioInitiatives Report.

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